ID's July M&A Recap: The Floodgates Have Reopened

July proved that mergers & acquisitions are finally back to being a driving force in the industrial B2B supply market.

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, mergers & acquisitions were one of the hallmarks of the B2B distribution space for the previous two decades. The rapid rise of business information available online made it increasingly easier for interested parties to find a distributor that fit what they were looking for and the right people to talk to about it. It's essentially impossible today to 'fly under the radar' of acquisition prospectors, and we at Industrial Distribution published around 20 items per month covering M&A news in the industrial supply space.

That all came to a near halt from March 2020 through the early spring of this year, when industrial distributors and manufacturers were reacting to and trying to recover from the pandemic's business impacts. My monthly recaps of M&A activity numbered only in the single digits throughout the rest of 2020 and well into this year, including a combined 18 items between April and May.

But June was finally a breakthrough, with ID covering 19 such M&A-related news items that month in what felt like a formal return to business normalcy in the B2B distribution space.

July proved that even further, with us covering 22 M&A news items of relevance to the industrial supply space. As always, not all of these are deals involving two industrial distributors or manufacturers, as they included a number of deals involving service providers that cater to distributors and suppliers alike.

Below, see what we covered during July in reverse chronological order of their company announcement. This includes announcements of completed or pending acquisitions impacting distributors relavent to the industrial products space in North America, as well as other news and announcements that could lead to or reject an acquisition.:

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Of course, despite our best efforts, there’s always deals announced that either weren’t on our radar, or that weren’t made public. But, this list should provide a good idea of most M&A activity applicable to the industrial supply market.

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