ID's Top 10 Articles of 2020

It's always worth taking a look back at the year that was. Here, see our most-read articles published during 2020.

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It's the final days of the year, which means we're all inundated with countless "Top XX of the Year" lists. To that I say, embrace it. Even in such a tumultuous year as 2020, it's always worth taking a look back at the year that was.

Here's a look back at the top 10 most-read articles published by Industrial Distribution during 2020, and they're all worth giving another read, or a first if you haven't yet. And while we at ID are always happy to receive contributed articles, I'm proud to say that eight of these top 10 items were staff-written.

2020 Big50 Logo 5fdd02a48653c1. Industrial Distribution's 2020 Big 50 List (published Oct. 6) — as expected, our annual ranking of the North America's largest distributors of industrial products by revenue was far-and-away No. 1. Technically, our 2019 Big 50 List was the most-read article this year, as it was ID's most recent Big 50 List until the 2020 version was posted in early October, but again, this list accounts for articles published during 2020.

2. Here's How is Built-to-Scale (published June 16)

3. ID In-Depth: Motion Industries' Next-Gen Distribution (published Feb. 10)

4. The Unprecedented Disruption of COVID-19: What Distributors Should Do Next (published March 18)

5. Fastenal Ramps up Locker Pickup for Contactless Handoff (published May 18)

6. Industrial Distribution's 2020 Watch List (published Feb. 11)

7. Assessing the Pandemic Impact on Wholesale Distribution's 4 Major Segments (published Aug. 13)

8. Q&A: Amazon Business' Relationship with Distributors & Manufacturers (published May 11)

9. Industrial Distribution's 2020 Salary Report (published Aug. 5)

10. Critical Wholesale: ID Goes In-Depth With ORS Nasco (published Oct. 5)