ID's December Industrial Supply M&A Recap

The final month of the year was one of the busiest for M&A activity despite the surging COVID-19 pandemic.


One might think that in December — as companies are busy planning next year's budgets, spending plans and a general business winddown as the holidays approach — that merger & acquisition activity would likewise slow significantly before ramping up again early in the new year. Especially amid COVID-19, with confirmed cases of the virus and resulting deaths surging higher than ever, I figured M&A news in the industrial supply sector would be rather light through Dec. 31.

Man, was I wrong. We at Industrial Distribution posted 20 news briefs in December covering M&A activity. That's the most since 20 in January and 21 in February — before COVID began impacting business activity in the United States. For perspective, December's figure followed 15 in November, 11 in October and 12 in September.

Now, a handful of December's M&A news involved distributors of building materials and jansan products — two categories just outside ID's core product category areas — but still enough within the ballpark to warrant coverage.

Below, see what we covered in December, in reverse chronological order of their announcement:

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Despite our best efforts, there’s always deals announced that either wasn’t on our radar, or that weren’t made public. But, this list should provide a good idea of most M&A activity applicable to the industrial supply market.

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