Border States Announces Vendor of the Year Awards

Geotek and Ericson Manufacturing were also recognized for "service excellence."

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Border States

FARGO, N.D. — Border States is proud to announce its Vendor of the Year Awards. These awards recognize excellence in manufacturer partners from across the three core markets Border States serves and include small, medium and large manufacturers. 

Strategic Marketing Partner of the Year | Hubbell 

Hubbell has a strategic, goal-oriented and forward-thinking approach to marketing and is willing to try new and innovative marketing processes and tactics. As Border States evolves its MarTech stack, Hubbell is right there to test out new ways of reaching customers and quick to provide needed content, assets and real-time feedback. Their team is creative, transparent, engaged and always willing to collaborate. 

Digital Marketing Partner of the Year | Schneider Electric 

Recognized for their excellence in partnering with Border States in digital marketing, Schneider Electric has demonstrated a commitment to cutting-edge sales campaigns while delivering highly enriched content that improves digital customer experience. 

Supplier of the Year – Service Excellence 

  • Small Vendor | Ericson Manufacturing
    Ericson Manufacturing demonstrates their commitment to service excellence through utilizing technology-drive logistics, inventory performance and communications that have helped drive growth well above industry standards.
  • Medium Vendor | Geotek
    Geotek has displayed a commitment to service excellence through their partnership with Border States in storm response and their 100% on-time delivery metrics, regardless of supply chain challenges.
  • Large Vendor | 3M
    3M’s dedication to operational and service excellence includes providing innovative, state-of-the-art business practices, technology-driven logistics, service, inventory performance and communications. Their collaboration with Border States displays a true spirit of partnership. 

Supplier of the Year – Sales Excellence 

  • Small Vendor | Ouellet
    Ouellet’s excellent customer service, commitment to manufacturing high-quality products and willingness to make Border States their distributor of choice has made them a standout in sales excellence.
  • Medium Vendor | Prysmian Group Industrial
    Prysmian has demonstrated a strong commitment to sales functions and support channels, which has created an immediate positive impact all the way to Border States’ front-line customers and driven tremendous year-over-year growth.
  • Large Vendor | nVent HOFFMAN
    nVent HOFFMAN continues to display outstanding resilience in a challenging marketplace. Their fulfillment performance has remained exceptionally high, with sales growth in many segments, product innovation and optimization of their VMI program setting them apart. nVent HOFFMAN continues to help drive exceptional sales growth and market leadership.
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