SKF Announces Management Changes

SKF's appointments include Industrial Sales management roles for the Americas, Europe and MEA, and Asia, management of Automotive and Aerospace, Business and Product Development, and Bearing Operations.

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GOTHENBURG, Sweden — In order to further increase management’s focus on driving organic sales growth and improving profitability, SKF on Wednesday announced the following changes to its group management, all of which are effective immediately.

There will be four areas represented at group management level:

  • Industrial Sales Americas, led by John Schmidt
  • Industrial Sales Europe and MEA, led by Erik Nelander
  • Industrial Sales Asia, led by Patrick Tong
  • Automotive and Aerospace, led by Stephane Le Mounier

In addition, the following group management appointments have also been made:

  • Business and Product Development, led by Victoria van Camp
  • Bearing Operations (including purchasing, manufacturing and logistics), led by Luc Graux

As a result of these changes, SKF’s group management now consists of the following members:

  • Alrik Danielson – President and CEO
  • Christian Johansson – Senior Vice President and CFO
  • Kent Viitanen – Senior Vice President, Group People, Communications and Quality
  • Bernd Stephan – Senior Vice President, Technology Development
  • Carina Bergfelt – General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Legal and Sustainability
  • Stephane Le Mounier – President, Automotive and Aerospace
  • John Schmidt – President, Industrial Sales Americas
  • Erik Nelander – President, Industrial Sales Europe and MEA
  • Patrick Tong – President, Industrial Sales Asia
  • Victoria van Camp – President, Business and Product Development
  • Luc Graux – President, Bearing Operations

The group's segment reporting will remain unchanged for Q1 2016. In conjunction with the Q2 2016 report, the group’s segment reporting will be specified into automotive and industrial customers. Restated figures for 2014, 2015 and Q1 2016 will be provided in advance of the report being published.

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