NAHAD to Support Clean Water Project

The group aims to raise $20,000 for the charity.

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NAHAD is supporting the Clean Water Project in 2022 with a support level starting at $10,000.

The group has set a goal of raising $20,000 this year.

All contributions β€” 100% β€” are sent to the field, where the funding changes lives and brings water security to the world’s most vulnerable populations.

Donors to the campaign will receive special recognition in the 2023 convention guide and on NAHAD's website. Donors at the highest "Champion" level receive priority booth selection at the 2023 Showcase of Hose Solutions. 

Stop by the "Charity: Water" display at the 2022 convention registration desk to learn more about this great organization and make your pledge to support clean water access around the world.

The 38th annual NAHAD convention begins Saturday in Miami.

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