STAFDA Announces Associate State-of-the-Industry Convention Speaker

Learn who will address the event's general session audience on Oct. 31.

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ELM GROVE, WI — The Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) has announced Jude Nosek, Vice President-Marketing and New Product Development, for Keson LLC (Aurora, IL) will be STAFDA’s Associate State-of-the-Industry Speaker at the Association’s upcoming Oct. 30 - Nov. 1 San Diego Convention & Trade Show. Nosek will address the General Session audience on Monday, Oct. 31.

Jude NosekJude NosekFor over a decade, he worked in marketing for Anixter, a $10 billion company with 500 inside and 150 outside salespeople. He wrote hundreds of brochures, technical white papers, product sell sheets, and catalogs. During that time, Nosek also worked as a project manager and eventually as an internal creative director designing sales and marketing strategies and support materials executed around the globe. In Fall 2004, he was asked to assess the marketing needs of Keson, a company founded in 1968 by his grandfather, Roy Nosek (the company name is the family name spelled backwards). Soon, Jude was working alongside his brother, Aaron and cousin, David. Since that time, Keson has weathered almost 20 years of growing stronger and more relevant to those who need measuring and marking products.

Stafda Logo 5f0dba7ae8785The greatest challenge to date came with the joining of two companies to form Keson LLC and the subsequent introduction of Austrian-based SOLA products and Keson Levels into the North American market. He worked with teams on both sides of the Atlantic to help craft an offering, compose messaging, and launch the next phase of Keson’s evolution, balancing the needs of both brands under one company’s offering.

STAFDA’s Annual Convention & Trade Show is open to members only. You must be a member to attend. For more information and a photo, contact Catherine Usher, STAFDA Member Services Director, at 262/784-4774 or 800/352-2981, [email protected].

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