STAFDA Shares Info on Orlando Convention Workshops, Speakers

Returning to an in-person event, STAFDA's Oct. 24-26 convention includes six total 90-minute workshops, including four on the first day.

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ELM GROVE, WI — One of the biggest complaints professional speakers’ have had the past year about Zoom meetings or webinars was the lack of audience interaction. Thankfully, with widespread COVID vaccinations and the State of Florida being proactive on keeping people safe yet allowing meetings to take place, the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) is back on track to hold its in-person Convention & Trade Show, October 24-26, in Orlando, FL.

STAFDA’s 45th Annual Convention & Trade Show leads off with four, concurrent 90-minute workshops Sunday morning, October 24, from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. – Noon. The workshops repeat to a different audience following a 30-minute break. There is also one workshop Sunday afternoon and an additional program Tuesday morning, October 26

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Sunday Morning Workshops:

Decoding Micro-Expressions to Increase Sales! Janine Driver: As a former federal law enforcement officer with the Department of Justice and CEO of the Body Language Institute, Driver will share her knowledge of how to read others’ body language and unlock tricks of master manipulators to easily spot deception on phone calls, emails, Facebook posts, handwritten notes, and social media. She’ll share tips on how to spot discomfort and deviations in hidden facial expressions along with fear and disgust. She’s a popular guest on NBC’s TODAY, NBC’S Weekend TODAY, FOX News, along with being quoted in other media outlets. 

How to Work with & Lead People Not Like You. Kelly McDonald: Diversity in the workforce is a hot topic. Progressive companies value diversity since it can lead to better decisions, solutions, and innovations while growing business and profits. But a diverse workforce doesn’t just mean different racial and ethnic backgrounds: It can also be diversity of thought. Different people may not see eye-to-eye on an issue. Communication styles may differ. Cultural backgrounds vary and even men and women see situations differently. McDonald will offer specific tactics for employees to succeed in today’s workplace without becoming frustrated by approaches to work that may differ from theirs. McDonald has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, BusinessWeek, and her clients include Toyota, State Farm, Nike, and Miller-Coors. 

The Unspoken Rules of Leadership. Jamie Turner: Turner led a webinar for STAFDA earlier this year and his workshop will look at the four pillars of leadership (mentoring, marketing, mindset, management). He will cover why the world’s best leaders work on their mindset first and their skillset second; How thinking “backwards” can help improve one’s influence with others; Why humility is a secret weapon all powerful leaders possess; How to use the Law of Reciprocity to create a win/win environment; Turning a yes/no question into an either/or question to grow influence;  and Why leading with a story (rather than facts) can turn a person into a more effective persuader. His client list includes Coca-Cola, AT&T, Microsoft, Verizon, and SAP. He’s a professor at both Emory University (Atlanta) and the University of Texas (Austin).

Overcoming the 7 Deadliest Communication SINs. Skip Weisman: Prior to starting his consulting business creating championship work teams for clients, he served as CEO for five different professional baseball franchises affiliated with the Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, and Texas Rangers. Weisman will do a deep-dive into interpersonal workplace communications. Attendees will learn: 1). How to calculate the actual dollars of how dysfunctional communication and behavior impacts a company; 2). Defining workplace communication problems and applying specific strategies, tools, and techniques to get different results; 3). Increasing workplace productivity by 50% overnight by committing to just one of seven deadliest communication sins; and 4). Adjusting one’s own communication habits to initiate the change they want in their workplace.

Sunday Afternoon, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Sales PRO Update. Paul Reilly: In 2006, Tom Reilly, then STAFDA’s Sales Consultant, researched and interviewed STAFDA outside sales professionals and their managers before he wrote STAFDA’s outside sales training manual, Sales PRO. Fast forward to 2021 and Tom’s son, Paul, who has been STAFDA’s Sales Consultant for several years, is updating the original Sales PRO. The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the way outside sales is now conducted. It still involves field sales calls, but virtual selling has soared to the forefront. The new version of Sales PRO will include techniques to address today’s new selling environment encompassing virtual selling, creating personal value, and customer messaging. Paul’s Orlando session will be a preview of his soon-to-be-printed manual. 

Tuesday, October 26, 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

Economic Update, Alan Beaulieu: As STAFDA’s Economic Advisor, and one of the pre-eminent economists in the country, Beaulieu will present his annual economic recap of 2021 and offer his forecast for 2022 and beyond. As the U.S., and world, emerges from the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, economies are regaining their footing while businesses hit the accelerator. Everyone wants to get back to “normal” and he will highlight what sectors are achieving success over others. Beaulieu is President of ITR Economics. Since 1990, ITR helps companies around the globe forecast, plan, and increase their profits based on business cycle trend analysis. 

Registration materials for STAFDA’s Orlando Convention & Trade Show will be mailed to all members in mid-June. Online registration begins from the members-only section of at 8:00 a.m. (Central) on June 28. The workshops are included in the Convention registration fee, and only STAFDA members may attend. Non-members are encouraged to visit to review and complete membership applications. 

For more information or photos, contact Catherine Usher, Member Services Director, 262/784-4774 or [email protected].

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