NAW to Provide Identify Theft, Legal Protection Through LegalShield

NAW has announced a partnership with Gallagher and LegalShield to provide the services for wholesaler-distributors.

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WASHINGTON, DC — The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) has partnered with Gallagher and LegalShield, one of North America’s largest providers of affordable identity theft and legal protection plans, to provide comprehensive and affordable identity theft and legal protection benefits to employees of the wholesale distribution industry.

"COVID-19 has created an environment where identity theft is skyrocketing," said Anthony Simone, NAW chief affinity officer. "Moreover, widespread computer-enabled remote working has created a new superhighway into company systems. Further, many employees are facing increased personal financial and other stress as a result of the impact of the pandemic. The identity theft and legal services plan field are characterized by many players which offer limited coverage. We wanted an offering which our employer members could count on for providing true, comprehensive value. Gallagher identified LegalShield after an extensive review of available options."

Those interested in learning more about the NAW program can visit:

LegalShield is one of North America’s largest providers of affordable identity theft and legal protection plans. They have nearly a 50-year track record and currently provide identity theft and legal protection plans to millions of employees. Wholesaler-distributors who take advantage of the NAW program will be able to provide identity theft and legal protection to their employees, enabling both to manage the increased risk of the COVID-19 environment.

"During these times of uncertainty, employees are understanding now more than ever the importance of legal, identity theft, and privacy protection benefits," said Glenn Petersen, president of LegalShield Business Solutions. "These plans can be part of any benefits package and are a "now" benefit. We are proud to partner with Gallagher and NAW to provide an affordable solution to the many legal and identity theft matters their employees may be facing."

The NAW partnership will allow participating wholesaler employees the ability to speak with a qualified attorney about any personal legal matter typically within 4 business hours of inquiry as well as the ability to speak to an identity theft specialist on covered identity theft matters. LegalShield’s legal plans provide direct access to provider law firms with attorneys averaging 22 years of experience, covering all 50 states. IDShield provides direct access to identity theft specialists, robust monitoring, real-time alerts and full-service identity restoration by Licensed Private Investigators. Both plans provide a convenient and easy-to-use mobile app.     

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