AD Member Industrial/Power Transmission Sales Up 7% Through Q1

AD said that overall member 2017 first quarter sales were up approximately 8 percent year-to-date, including healthy growth for industrial/power transmission distributors.

WAYNE, PA β€” AD, a $34.4 billion contractor and industrial products wholesale buying/marketing group, reported sales for all AD members, across all seven divisions and three countries grew by 8 percent in the first quarter 2017.

By country, AD Member U.S. sales were up 8 percent; AD Canada was up 9 percent and AD Mexico grew 15 percent. By industry, Electrical was up 10 percent; PHCP was up 8 percent; Industrial/PT was up 7 percent; and Building Materials was up 16 percent. 

"We are pleased to see that AD independents continued to take market share and grow at a pace that’s greater than their overall industries and countries," commented AD chairman and CEO Bill Weisberg. "Construction markets were robust with commodity pricing turning from deflationary to inflationary. Industrial markets are doing a good bit better than 2016. 

Weisberg added that purchased from AD suppliers grew by 17 percent in Q1, and net distributions to AD members grew by 18 percent.

"We are utilizing this growth to increase the profitability of our members and make strategic investments in technology, people and services," Weisberg added. "We continue to be bullish about the balance of the year."

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