Cisco-Eagle Acquires Trinity Controls

The Alabama company specializes in programmable logic controls engineering.

Cisco-Eagle headquarters, Dallas.
Cisco-Eagle headquarters, Dallas.

DALLAS — Cisco-Eagle, a leading material handling systems integration company, announced the acquisition of Trinity Controls, an innovative controls engineering company located in Birmingham, Alabama. 

“This acquisition is a significant milestone in for both companies,” said Cisco-Eagle President and Chief Operating Officer Bryan Gauger. “Trinity’s expertise in creating efficient and reliable control systems aligns with our commitment to delivering outstanding value to our customers and helps us expand our ability to serve industrial automation customers of all types.”

Established in 2005, Trinity specializes in PLC (programmable logic controls) engineering. It focuses on design, programming and PLC panel fabrication for automation projects in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Trinity is highly experienced in conveyor systems, material handling, heavy machinery and motor control applications. 

"With Trinity’s exceptional talent and track record, Cisco-Eagle is better positioned to address the needs of our clients and stay ahead in a rapidly changing automation landscape," said Gauger.

This acquisition transfers Trinity Controls operations to Cisco-Eagle, forming the Cisco-Eagle Systems Technology Group. Trinity’s staff will join the family of Cisco-Eagle employee-owners. 

“Our culture is built on empowered employees who all own shares in the company. I’m thrilled to welcome Trinity’s staff to our family and look forward to our journey together,” said Gauger. 

“We are excited about the opportunities for developing more advanced and integrated solutions,” said Tim Norwood, founder of Trinity. “Our combined expertise, experience and ability to create solutions will let us serve our industrial automation customers even better.” 

Norwood will continue his leadership as Cisco-Eagle’s director of systems technologies. 

The company will continue its work with a variety of clients throughout the industry in the material handling and industrial automation space.

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