C.H. Hanson Acquires Cleveland's Superior Tool

144-year-old C.H. Hanson gains a supplier of plumbing hand tools.

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NAPERVILLE, IL — Showcasing their growth and dependability in the midst of uncertain times, hand tool manufacturer C.H. Hanson has announced its acquisition of Cleveland, OH-based Superior Tool, a well-known plumbing company founded in the 1940s.

“Right now, our world is experiencing a lot of uncertainty; people aren’t sure where they can turn to find brands they can trust,” C.H Hanson president Phil Hanson stated. “Through this acquisition we have the opportunity to earn that trust with a new industry segment and to demonstrate our core values through our actions. In C h Hansonthis time of so many uncertainties, we want to prove that we can be a certainty. Acquiring Superior Tool has been an exciting time for us not only because it was a stepping-stone towards future success – but also because we actually experienced robust sales for our company in June. Even with the fears surrounding COVID, C.H. Hanson remains strong and committed to consumer demands for professional products and exceptional value.”

Superior Tool has received industry awards from Nortech and MAGNET over the last few years for their innovative products. This will be the fourth major brand acquisition by C.H. Hanson in a relatively short period of time.

Superior’s unique tools, such as the patented Basin Buddy or Tub Drain Extractor, address specific customer needs to help with quick fixes, and Pro and DIY home maintenance. In fact, within the past few years Superior has introduced over 24 new products to their line, many manufactured in the US and all backed by a lifetime warranty.

Poster“We recognized that Superior Tool had a lot of great products behind them, but what really stood out was their desire to serve the needs of others,” Hanson said. “That aligns perfectly with C.H. Hanson's core values.”

Superior Tool is a company culture that is intensely focused on serving the needs of users of its tools–and 60 years after its founding–Superior continues to be the dependable source for innovative products and patented technology that make plumbing jobs faster and easier. 

The C.H. Hanson Company looks to continue as an industry leader in hand tools through this acquisition and is excited to add Superior Tool to their family of brands.

Founded in 1866, the C.H. Hanson Company is a family-owned and operated business that offer more than 6,000 products, both stock and custom, in a variety of industrial and commercial categories. Headquartered near Chicago, C.H. Hanson brings to market complete lines of clamps, hand tools, marking and identification products, steel stamps, tags, chalk and innovative layout tools. The company’s products are designed for use in the industrial, construction, safety, automotive and consumer hardware/DIY markets.

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