Report: Fairmont Supply Merges With Oil & Gas Operations

By merging Fairmont Supply Co. with Fairmont Supply Oil & Gas, the company aims to better position itself as a single-source supplier of MRO products to the oil and gas industry.

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According to a news item posted Jan. 4 by Washington, Pennslyvania-based Observer-Reporter, Fairmont Supply Co. has merged with Fairmont Supply Oil and Gas, LLC, effective Jan. 1.

The report cites Fairmont saying the merger will help the organization streamline sales and distribution to satisfy customer needs, as Fairmont will continue to be a single source for pipe, valves, and fittings to the oil and gas industry. Additionally, the merger will beneift those customers by providing MRO products and overall positioning the company as a single-source supplier.

“The merger between Fairmont Supply Company and Fairmont Supply Oil and Gas, LLC will help the organization leverage our brand strategy in the marketplace, as well as achieve organizational synergies,” the Observer-Reporter quotes Geoff Otts, Fairmont Supply head of sales and marketing. “We will continue serving our strategic vertical markets, such as oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and petro-chemical. In addition, we look to expand our footprint throughout the United States by focusing on additional strategic markets where our products and services are utilized.”

Canonsburg, Pennslyvania-based Fairmont Supply Co. is a full-line distributor of MRO supplies. It offers products from more than 500 manufacturers, including mining, oil and gas specialty, safety, electrical, industrial rubber, material handling, power transmission, piping systems and general maintenance supplies from its distribution centers across the United States.

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