Simonds Saw Distributor Training Program Sees Highest Attendance In 5 Years

Eighteen distributors, manufacturer representatives and Simonds Saw employees attended Simonds' full-day training in April at its Fitchburg, MA facility.

FITCHBURG, MA — In April, Simonds Saw held its most attended 'Little Red Schoolhouse' training session in more than five years. The Q1 session was held in response to increased demand.

The session has been a staple in the company’s distributor training itinerary since 1935, held multiple times a year in various formats.

Eighteen distributors, manufacturer representatives and Simonds employees attended the full-day schoolhouse training at Simonds' Fitchburg, MA facility, completing learning modules and then finishing hands-on training in the cutting lab.

"Our Little Red Schoolhouse trainings are particularly effective because attendees have varying degrees of industry experience, and experience with our products," Simonds Saw global product manager Dale Petts said. "It encourages a collaborative learning experience, and ensures that everyone is learning something new. It's important that every representative learn something new about the trusted metal cutting products we provide end users."

Over the years, Simonds has trained more distributor salespeople than any other industrial products manufacturer. In addition to the "Little Red Schoolhouse trainings for salespeople, Simonds also offers in-the-field training to saw blade end users. In 2010, Simonds Saw also began offering online end-user training through its "Never Yield to Steel" microsite.

Another large schoolhouse session, this time for Spanish-speaking customers, will be held in July.

Established in 1832, Simonds Saw is a manufacturer of high-quality metal cutting saw and file products and has been in buiness longer than any other cutting tool company in North America.

See photos from the event here.

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