Wright Announces Service and Achievement Award Winners

Three employees marked their 40th years with the tool manufacturer.

Service And Achievement Awards 2024 3

BARBERTON, Ohio — Wright has announced the winners of its 2023 service and achievement awards.

The service and achievement awards are designed to reward and honor those employees for their years of service to Wright. Every year, Wright commemorates the employees for their years of service. Wright celebrates their employees at the end of November as this was Pat Taylor’s, Wright’s former executive vice president, start date.

Taylor, who had a 56-year career, retired in 2019, passed away on Nov. 14, 2021.

Wright acknowledged 10 employees celebrating five years of service, two employees celebrating 10 years of service, two employees celebrating 25 years of service, one employee celebrating 30 years of service and three employees celebrating 40 years of service.

Wright partnered with SNAPPY, which allows employees to go online and choose a gift as appreciation of their service and loyalty to Wright.

Those employees who were honored are:

  • Hathaway, Steve - 40 Years
  • Dalton, Nancy L. - 40 Years
  • Kyer, Jeffrey - 40 Years
  • Futey, Thomas - 30 Years
  • Bennett, Stephen C. - 25 Years
  • Woods, Patricia - 25 Years
  • Duvall, Erik - 10 Years
  • Miller, Donald M. - 10 Years
  • Cool, Jamie M. - 5 Years
  • Tanner, Jennifer R. - 5 Years
  • Allen, Jennifer A. - 5 Years
  • Brake, Kellie D. - 5 Years
  • Scott, Shawn R. - 5 Years
  • Bailey, Shawn L. - 5 Years
  • Clark, Thomas - 5 Years
  • Swart, Eric L. - 5 Years
  • Klaric, Shane M. - 5 Years
  • Holmgren, Benay A. - 5 Years

“The significant contributions from all of our current and past employees over the nearly 97 years of our history have provided our current employees with opportunities to continue to manufacture the best sockets, wrenches, ratchets and attachments here in Barberton, Ohio, while servicing our customers around the world,” said Tom Futey, Wright president and co-owner. “This year is extra special for Wright as for the first time in history, we have three 40-years-of-service employees at the same time.”

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