Winsupply San Antonio Tx Co. Named the Distributor's 'Company of the Year'

The distributor also named winners in the industrial, electrical and HVAC markets.

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Winsupply Inc.

DAYTON, Ohio – Winsupply Inc. has named Winsupply San Antonio Tx Co., its overall company of the year.

Each year, Winsupply recognizes its top performing companies in plumbing, heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC), industrial, electrical, waterworks, pumps, turf irrigation, and fire fabrication.

The top performing companies, locations and presidents in their respective industries plus individual award winners include: 

  • Overall: Winsupply San Antonio Tx Co., C.J. Hooper, president
  • Plumbing: Central Oklahoma Winnelson Co., Keith R. Jones, president
  • HVAC: Winsupply Houston Tx Co., Jason Greagrey, president
  • Industrial: Thomas Pipe, a Winsupply Co. (Ariz.), Whalen Ward, president
  • Electrical: Odessa Winlectric Co. (Texas), Carl R. Long, president
  • Waterworks: Kansas City Winwater Co. (Mo.), Scott Wilson, president
  • Fire Fab: Newburgh Windustrial Supply Co. (N.Y.), James B. Lucas, president
  • Pumps: Winsupply Lubbock Tx Co., Blake R. Talkmitt, president
  • Turf Irrigation: Wyatt Irrigation, a Winsupply Co. (Santa Rosa, Calif.), Scott Leytem, president
  • Turn-Around: Winsupply E Houston – MSI (Texas), Jeff Walker, president
  • Rookie of the Year:Winsupply W Phoenix (Ariz.), Allen White, president
  • Digital: Winsupply San Antonio Tx Co., C.J. Hooper, president
  • TOP ROI: Windsor Winair Co. (Conn.), Glen Baskin, president
  • WSS: Portland Winair Co. (Conn.), Keith Kruysman, president

β€œI am so proud of the leaders and teams of this year’s winning companies,” said Rob Ferguson, president of Winsupply Local Company Group. β€œThe entrepreneurial spirit these companies show is amazing, especially with the continued disruption in our industry. I am very proud to consider myself part of the Winsupply Family and part of each of these amazing local companies.”

All of the winning companies are members of the Winsupply family of companies.

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