Brewster-Washers Celebrates 100th Anniversary

William H. Brewster, Jr., Inc. has reached a milestone celebrating 100 years in business manufacturing custom precision washers, discs, and shims.

William H. Brewster, Jr., Inc. also known as Brewster Washers will celebrate its 100th anniversary on March 15.  Established in 1919 by William (Bill) Brewster, Brewster Washers continues with the same commitment to quality that Bill instilled in his employees.  Brewster is the place for thin precision washers, shims and discs with thicknesses ranging from .0005 to .062. The company says delivery, price, and the highest quality is what has kept Brewster in business for 100 years and will continue for the next 100.

Since its inception, Brewster Washers has consistently manufactured the finest available round washers, shims, discs, and spacers for practically every purpose imaginable. The company's custom round washers, shims, and discs are utilized in practically everything, including guidance systems, motors, custom knives, and various space projects.  All parts are custom, manufactured from blueprints set by the client.

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