SureWerx Centralizes Subsidiaries, Grows U.S. Operations With New Head Office

By integrating and merging subsidiaries American Forge & Foundry Inc. and Sellstrom Manufacturing Co., SureWerx USA will be conducting all U.S. operations from its new head office in Elgin, IL.

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ELGIN, IL — SureWerx, a supplier of professional tool, equipment and safety products for workers, announces its expansion in the U.S. marketplace as SureWerx USA Inc.

By integrating and merging subsidiaries American Forge & Foundry Inc. and Sellstrom Manufacturing Co. based in Elgin, IL, SureWerx USA Inc. (the new name of the merged company) will be conducting all U.S. operations for the SureWerx brands from one central location. SureWerx brands include: American Forge & Foundry, Sellstrom, PeakWorks, Pioneer, KneePro and Ranpro.

Founded in 1957, SureWerx has a proven track record of success as a one-source supplier, known to Canadian wholesale and independent distributors for delivering high-quality tools, equipment and safety products and services. Bringing this legacy of positive and scalable growth through a new, streamlined operation in the U.S. comes as a natural progression for the company. SureWerx USA’s newly consolidated base of operations will allow the company to not only deliver comprehensive product lines, but also provide distribution partners with more efficient inventory management solutions.

"This represents a big milestone for our company," SureWerx CEO Chris Baby said. "The team has worked hard to build a solid and successful foundation in Canada to be the bestin-class supplier of professional tools and safety equipment to workers. This same commitment extends into the United States. By working closely with our distribution partners, we will provide not only the best products and solutions, but also offer our distributors a complete and seamless experience in sourcing products from one central location."

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