F.W. Webb Marks 150th Anniversary; Here's How It Started

Bedford, MA-based industrial distributor F.W. Webb marked marked its sesquicentennial on Monday. Read how the company got its start shortly after the Civil War.

BEDFORD, MA — The F.W. Webb Company has reached a major longevity milestone, marking its 150th anniversary Monday. It began in Boston as Stults & Co., only a year after the Civil War ended, near what is now known as the Haymarket area near the popular tourist destination, Faneuil Hall.

As only one of two plumbing supply houses in the area in 1866, the F.W. Webb Co. was at the forefront of the burgeoning plumbing industry, which brought indoor plumbing and impelled sewage and waste water system upgrades to the most populous cities in America. From this single Boston location 15 decades ago, sprang a vitally significant industry and the largest, most diversified supplier of its kind in the Northeast.

Today, the F.W. Webb Company has more than 2000 employees in 80+ locations across nine states. F.W. Webb has responded continually over the decades to its customers’ needs by remaining at the forefront of industry and technological advances across its core businesses and in highly relevant specialty areas. Offering outstanding products, services, solutions and support, F.W. Webb is a robust distributor across 15 distinct areas of expertise (details below) and is among the most respected, successful, privately-owned companies in the Northeast.

F.W. Webb was No. 22 on Industrial Distribution's 2015 Big 50 List.

For more information on the industry and the company, including a timeline, fun facts, and historical photos, visit: fwwebb.com.

F.W. Webb has extensive inventory and expertise in 15 distinct areas: Plumbing, Heating, HVAC, Commercial Refrigeration, and PVF (pipe, valves, fittings) are the company’s core businesses. Specialty markets span Water Works; Process Controls; Propane Gas Equipment; Water Systems; Commercial and Industrial Pumps; Fire Protection and Fabrication; Building Controls; High Purity Process Components; Industrial PVF Specialties; and Thermoplastic Piping.

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