Mayer Electric President Awarded Volunteer Of The Year By UAB

Wes Smith was recognized by the University of Alabama at Birmingham National Alumni Society, which he has been president of for the past year. In that time, Smith helped get UAB's football program reinstated.

BIRMINGHAM, AL — Wes Smith, Mayer Electric Supply’s President, was recently recognized by the University of Alabama at Birmingham National Alumni Society as their first ever Volunteer of the Year. This special recognition for Smith was in addition to the normal passing-of-the-gavel appreciation and recognition received at the end of his tenure as UAB’s NAS president.

While for the past nine years Wes has been a part of the Board of Directors and served as the organization’s president over the past year, it was during the past twelve months of his presidential tenure that he worked relentlessly and with great character to help the University move through the complex and exhausting task of helping to get UAB’s football program reinstated.

What follows are comments made during the presentation of this special recognition:

During his tenure, Wes has provided UAB’s National Alumni Society with strong leadership and exceptional guidance. He has an undying enthusiasm for the NAS and the university.  Wes, we thank you for your time and for your service this year as president.

Starting this year, the National Alumni Society will be recognizing an individual or individuals as our Volunteer of the Year. This award is designed to recognize alumni who have made a significant impact on the National Alumni Society through volunteering their time and effort on behalf of the society.

It is with excellent honor that we recognize Mr. Wes Smith as our inaugural Volunteer of the Year award recipient.

Not even Wes could have imagined what his year as NAS president would hold when he stepped into the roll. He has presided over the National Alumni Society in perhaps our most challenging year as a university.

As you heard earlier in the program, Wes has led the NAS throughout a great year.  Wes’ role went above and beyond the expectations placed on NAS presidents. He became the face of the NAS and endured tremendous challenges while displaying unruffled leadership through the elimination and reinstatement of the football, bowling, and rifle programs. Wes served as the chair of the UAB Athletics Task Force and was diligent in his role to both the task force and the NAS.

He did all of this while balancing his professional and personal life at Mayer Electric Supply and with his wife, Joy. He endured many late and sleepless nights working on behalf of the NAS and the athletics task force. If Wes was flustered, he didn’t show it. His approach never changed. He continued to provide a strong NAS leadership presence; all marks of a true leader.

It is our honor to present this special award, the volunteer of the year award to you, in grateful recognition of the impact you have made to the National Alumni Society through your time and effort on behalf of the Society. 

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