The Crosby Group Acquires Load Securement Supplier Speedbinders

Lifting & rigging manufacturer and distributor Crosby strengthens its heavy-duty load securement capabilities with Speedbinders.

Speedbinders Hero

RICHARDSON, TX — The Crosby Group, a supplier of lifting, rigging and load securement hardware, announced Monday that it has acquired (Speedbinders). US-based Speedbinders is a designer and manufacturer of pioneering load binders for heavy-duty load securement. The Speedbinders products not only provide faster tie-down and release times for drivers, but also safer load securement with reduced strain and injuries.

Robert Desel, CEO of The Crosby Group, said: “We are thrilled to expand our best-in-class load securement portfolio with Speedbinders.  The Torque Drive technology’s dual focus on enhancing worker safety and improving productivity for drivers is a winning combination for the industry.”  Desel continued: “Speedbinders will provide additional opportunities for our valued channel partners, and together, we will bring this innovation to end-users worldwide.” 

Speedbinders’ solutions include Torque Drive load binders which use a portable power drill to secure loads, eliminating the need for repetitive, manual operations common with lever and ratchet binders. 

Steve Helline, Founder of Speedbinders added: “It has been an incredible journey to see this business from concept to significant adoption and now a partnership with a world leader in load securement.  I can’t think of a better steward of my business going forward and I look forward to supporting the continued adoption of Speedbinders in the market.” 

The Crosby Group is a global leader in the innovation, manufacturing and distribution of products and services used to make lifting and load securement safer and more efficient, with premier brands such as Crosby, Gunnebo Industries, Crosby Straightpoint, Crosby BlokCam, Acco, McKissick, Crosby Feubo, Trawlex, Lebus and CrosbyIP. With global engineering, manufacturing, distribution and operations, the company provides a broad range of products and solutions for the most demanding applications with uncompromising quality that exceed industry standards. is the world leader in power tool-operated load binders with its patented Torque Drive technology. Its products provide considerable time-saving benefits for drivers as well as enhanced safety by eliminating repetitive, manual operations. Speedbinders products are proud to be used across North America on over 20,000 trucks and counting.

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