Glebar Acquires Everite Machine Products

The news comes five months after Glebar's acquisition of Tridex Technology, a fellow electrochemical grinding provider.

Glebar Everite

Ramsey, NJ-based precision grinding solutions provider Glebar Company announced Tuesday that it has acquired Everite Machine Products, Inc., a supplier of electrochemical grinding (ECG) technology based about 100 miles northeast along New Jersey's Northern border.

5463caf3ce8b304c4e7831a067f43b77Everite has specialized in ECG machines for over 70 years, providing solutions for precise manufacturing requirements across various industries, including medical and aerospace. The company offers burr-free cutoff, surface grinding, point grinding and vertical grinding solutions utilizing ECG.

The acquisition comes five months after Glebar's previously-announced acquisition of Tridex Technology Ltd., a fellow ECG provider.

"Combining the capabilities of Tridex and Everite will increase our ability to provide ECG solutions to our expanded customer base," said Robert Baker, Glebar CEO. "Additionally, we will bring Glebar's service and aftermarket capabilities to the Everite customer install base strengthening our existing partnerships through improved service and support."

"We look forward to joining the Glebar team and furthering our mission to provide customers with an ECG solution for their complex and precision manufacturing requirements," said Bill Clipsham, Global Business Development at Everite.

Founded in 1952, Glebar is a global supplier across market segments that include medical, industrial, aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, energy and mining.

Glebar Innovation Mfg(1)"We will be focused on building upon existing machine features, bringing both the Everite and Tridex technologies together to the benefit of our customers, while leveraging our expertise in integrated control and automated solutions to drive value for our customers," said John Bannayan, Glebar chief technology officer.

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