4 Suppliers Merge To Launch SupplyTime.com

The recent launch merges four favored suppliers into a single online resource complete with the company’s noteworthy personal support and expertise.

NORWICH, Conn. — Known for delivering personalized service through highly efficient websites that serve a number of industries, Consumers Interstate Corporation has launched SupplyTime.com — a one-stop online portal providing customers with toilet paper, cleaning and janitorial products, industrial tools, cafeteria supplies, office products, packaging supplies, and safety gear. The recent launch merges four favored suppliers into a single online resource complete with the company’s noteworthy personal support and expertise, allowing customers to purchase from trusted brands like Toilet Paper World, Cleaning Products World, Office Products World, and Safety Products World.

Consumers Interstate Corporation’s position in the competitive market is characterized by a commitment to reliable, customized support that ensures long-term customer satisfaction. SupplyTime.com extends this successful practice to the online marketplace, allowing companies to quickly and efficiently purchase the products they need. The newly merged site includes signature tools that for years have contributed to the success of the separate suppliers — such as next-day delivery, customer service representatives, and a reorder form that allows businesses to quickly access and reorder past purchases.  

“All of Consumers Interstate Corporation’s online and brick-and-mortar operations have a history of providing enhanced products and services with maximum convenience, reliability, and efficiency,” says Kenn Fischburg, president, Consumers Interstate Corporation. “The launch of SupplyTime.com allows our customers to order the variety of products they need online, along with access to passionate experts available to help on a personal level.”

SupplyTime.com’s innovative character and steady expansion across industries are a direct result of the company’s vision of the future. The private distribution company has set a 15-year growth plan that focuses on delivering a notably human experience that combines brick-and-mortar operations with its e-commerce solutions, a distinctive combination that ensures the company will continue to be a leader in serving customers for years to come.  

Throughout their successful history, Consumers Interstate Corporation has experienced exponential growth by maintaining a targeted approach and focusing on long-term, loyal customers. One of the company’s most-renowned brands, Toilet Paper World, has provided customers with a broad array of products as well as in-depth knowledge through its Encyclopedia on Toilet Paper for years, receiving national recognition for its unique, esteemed experience. SupplyTime.com was launched with merchandising and technical support from Consumers Interstate Corporation’s exclusive supplier, United Stationers. The close relationship with the leading wholesaler has allowed the company to expand into numerous product categories with an extensive  selection and next-day delivery.

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