ID's Top 5 Of The Week

A reported embezzlement of $100k+ at F.W. Webb dominated news on ID this past week, while an infographic on Amazon's SKU count, news of acquisitions for Airgas and the resignation of ISA's president were other top items.

I got so caught up with writing this F.W. Webb embezzlement-news blog Friday morning that I forgot to include ID's Top 5 in the morning newsletter, so I bumped it to Monday's.

That embezzlement item dominated Monday's content and was already the top-viewed item of the week by mid-day Friday. An infographic about Amazon's SKU count was another big item, along with Airgas making acquisitions, news about the future of oil prices and the resignation of ISA's president.

Here's this week's Top 5

Man Accused Of Embezzling More Than $100K From F.W. Webb: A 20-year F.W. Webb employee allegedly manipulated customer payments and kept the proceeds over a six-year period while overseeing a company-owned storage facility in Nashua, NH.

How Many Products Does Amazon Actually Carry, And In What Categories?: Amazon accounts for 1 in every 3 shopping transactions in North America today. But how many products does Amazon actually carry, in what categories, and who are the top marketplace sellers? Price and product intelligence provider 360pi decided to find out.

Airgas Makes Acquisitions In Louisiana, California: Airgas gains Monroe, LA-based Monroe Welding Supply and San Jose, CA-based Clark Industrial Supply, which had combined 2015 sales of nearly $17 million.

Oil May Head Back Under $40 In Q3; Rig Count Continues Rise: Bank of America Merrill Lynch says oil's recent recovery may be nothing more than the usual springtime rally and that prices will decline before recovering again in Q4.

Hughes Resigns As ISA President & CEO: Jeff Hughes has stepped down from post after 20 months of leadership, and Stellar Industrial Supply president John Wiborg will lead the effort to find Hughes' successor.


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