Optimas Relocates Mexico DC to Larger Facility in Monterrey

The fastener manufacturer/distributor says the new 32,400-square-foot facility is part of Optimas’ global strategy to improve supply chain management.

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WOOD DALE, IL — Optimas Solutions, a global industrial distributor and service provider, announced Sept. 9 that it has moved its distribution center in Mexico to a 32,400-square-foot state-of-the-art facility in the Monterrey suburb of Apodaca to be closer to customers, suppliers, and employees and to support the economic growth of the region.

According to President of Optimas Americas Daniel Harms, the new distribution center is larger than the previous one and is in a new, strategically located industrial park where some of Optimas’ customers have facilities. 

“The new facility provides greater storage capacity and has been designed and configured to support new offerings, such as our kitting services,” Harms said. “But the key is the location in the Monterrey area with its close proximity to customers and its ability to service additional large businesses moving to the area. The whole set up from the location to the configuration of the facility allows us to be more intimate and better engaged with current and future customers in Mexico and South America.”

Harms emphasized that Optimas anticipates strong growth in the region due to Monterrey’s prominence in the economic landscape of South America. With the addition of new kitting services, as well as a greater ability to support customers with inventory management and supply chain operations, Optimas is better aligned for that projected growth.

“We view this as a strategic move from not only a customer support standpoint, but an economic standpoint,” Ricardo Alonzo Rodriguez, Optimas vice president and general manager, Mexico, commented. “We share the same industrial park with industry leading businesses and customers such as Thermo Fisher, Varroc Lighting, Regal Beloit, Denso and Nidec.  Monterrey is home to some of the largest companies in Mexico and is expected to be a major player in business in South America in the coming years. We appreciate the opportunity of being there to be part of that dynamic growth.”

The new Optimas distribution facility in Apodaca currently features capacity for more than 1,800 SKUs. It also will operate as a sales demonstration center and feature the company’s tech-enabled inventory management and vending solutions plus displays of complex fasteners engineered and manufactured by the company. Optimas will staff the facility with 20 operations and 10 general staff teammates. 

“As we look to advance our business in Mexico and better serve existing and new customers, it was necessary to upgrade our facility,” Rodriguez continued. “We are very excited about the potential for Optimas here in Mexico and throughout the rest of South America. That’s why it was important to make this strategic investment in the dynamic business environment Monterrey offers now and in the future.”

According to Nearshore America, Monterrey is considered a gateway city for American businesses to South America. It has a booming software sector, and an established steel production segment. Monterrey is often considered Mexico’s academic center, too, with some of the country’s most prominent and highly ranked universities. In addition, half of Mexico’s 20 largest businesses have headquarters in the Monterrey region. A report published in 2019 by Nuevo León’s Instituto Nacional Innovación y Transferencia de Tecnología (National Institute of Innovation and Technology Transfer) suggests that Monterrey will have the highest level of gross domestic product (GDP) in the whole of South America by the middle of the next decade.

Optimas is a global industrial manufacturer/distributor and service provider specializing in fastening and supply chain solutions for manufacturers seeking to improve efficiency and profitability.

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