Industrial Distribution CEO Launches Management Consulting Company: Sellside Group

David Weiss was recently CEO of MRO products distributor Partsmaster, which he led to a successful sale to Lawson Products in 2020.


DALLAS — Veteran industrial distribution CEO David Weiss has announced the formation of SellSide Group, his new management consulting firm focused on one specific purpose: helping companies achieve the change most important to them. Meticulously crafted, their purpose addresses the vital need for executive-level insight within the industrial market.

WeissWeissFor the past 12 years, Weiss has been the CEO of NCH Asia, where he managed Chemsearch, ChemAqua, and Certified across 14 countries throughout the APAC region. In 2017, Weiss became the CEO for MRO products distributor Partsmaster, where he led the team through significant growth in sales and EBITDA, culminating in a successful sale to Lawson Products at the end of 2020.

On the team are 7 consultants who have held CEO or VP roles in supply chain, sales, marketing, purchasing, and operations. The team brings real-world experience rather than theory to industrial manufacturers and distributors worldwide. They collaborate with clients to turn their company into a cohesive team and efficient business. Strategy and execution, sales team development, supply chain optimization, and operational efficiency are at the forefront of what SellSide Group does best to increase the value of a company or prepare for a sale.

Aligning with Weiss' experience running large sales teams with 650 salespeople in Asia and 200 across the United States, he brings a similar sales mentality to Sellside Group by including 12 Business Development consultants to complement the executive-level team members.

"The key to building a great sales team is the process," Weiss states. "Once you have a process, then you can build sales schools for your managers and your salespeople."

SellSide Group understands a company must start with building managers and putting them in the field to prove the process. Once managers are successful, they can efficiently hire and train a sales team. Establishing KPIs and utilizing scoreboards ensures the team understands expectations and their level of performance amongst peers. 

Resulting from years of experience, SellSide Group knows industrial companies are built and run by hardworking innovators. These leaders have outstanding offerings and are committed to their customers. While they know their product, they are often unsure how to effectively share it with the world or manage it as a business. That is why SellSide Group steps in with a uniquely collaborative model and real-world experience to help those making a difference see the success they deserve.

For more information regarding Sellside Group, contact David Weiss at

SellSide Group is a premier management consulting firm dedicated to helping companies achieve the change most important to them. Our industry-leading services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities in strategy, sales, marketing, organization, operations, supply chain, transformation, mergers & acquisitions, and sustainability. Working in a uniquely collaborative model, SellSide Group designs and develops solutions, then relentlessly works to deliver results that help companies thrive.

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