3M launches New Program for Reopening Facilities

The four-part Clean & Protect Certified Badge Program promotes "cleanliness, confidence and compliance allowing facilities to reopen and stay open."

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ST. PAUL, MN — Since the beginning of the pandemic, 3M has played a critical role in the global response to COVID-19, and as economies reopen, 3M is helping businesses return to work. Today, the company is launching the 3M Clean & Protect Certified Badge Program, a new comprehensive system for cleaning, monitoring and protecting facilities.

"There is a cautious optimism in the air as the world emerges from this global pandemic," said Greg Brown, facility care business director for 3M Commercial Solutions Division. "By providing our customers with the tools, products and training needed to reopen, the Clean & Protect Program not only provides facility teams with the ability to help create a safer work environment but also helps gives their guests more confidence in the health and safety of the facility."

The 3M Clean & Protect Certified Badge Program Components

3 M Clean Protect PrintThe 3M Clean & Protect Certified Badge Program was designed to provide facility management teams with effective cleaning and disinfecting solutions and training to allow for a safer return to normal activities and operations. Although teams are working hard behind the scenes to reopen safely, being able to provide a visual cue that illustrates their commitment to clean is important. The program includes four components to promote cleanliness, confidence and compliance in facilities.

  1. Cleaning & Disinfection Solutions: Customers can choose from a wide range of 3M solutions to enhance their existing cleaning and disinfection protocols including cleaning chemical solutions, EPA-approved disinfectants, including those for COVID-19, and cleaning tools and chemical dispensers.
  2. Cleaning Verification & Monitoring Systems: Customers will be able to measure the cleanliness of their facilities in real-time with the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ ATP Monitoring System. The system will allow them to track and monitor changes in cleanliness over time.
  3. Training: Making sure staff are properly trained on disinfection best practices is key to achieving a safer facility for all. Customers will be required to complete specially designed online training modules from the 3M Cleaning Academy.
  4. Social Distancing & Wayfinding Graphics: Clearly communicating facility practices to occupants is essential to keeping all who enter your facility safer. Customers will have access to a wide range of floor and surface graphics and safety marketing tapes and tools to clearly outline their expectations.

Clean. Safe. Trusted.

With the reduction of pandemic restrictions, there is a palpable excitement about returning to normal activities like dining out, traveling, attending events and learning and working in person. However, even as the pandemic slows, guests and employees may still have fears about the cleanliness of public spaces.

"As we all do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and prepare to resurrect a new normal, putting the proper tools, products and training in place now will help reduce financial and operational burdens in the future," adds Brown. "Showing your employees and customers that you care about their health and safety by earning a 3M Clean & Protect Certified Badge, will help you to reopen – and stay open – with confidence."

For more information about the 3M Clean & Protect Certified Badge Program, please visit 3M.com/CleanAndProtect

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