Q&A: Formerly Snap-on Industrial Brands, Williams Looks to Set Path for Tools and Equipment

We chat with Williams' VP of Industrial Distribution about how the rebranding affects distributors, and what to expect going forward.

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Earlier this year, Snap-on Industrial Brands was rebranded as Williams. Sold exclusively through distribution, Williams tools are built for work in industries such as power generation, manufacturing, assembly, MRO, metal fabrication and others. We at Industrial Distribution recently spoke with Bill Davis, Vice President of Industrial Distribution at Williams, about how the rebranding affects distributors, and what to expect going forward.

Industrial Distribution: Why did Snap-on Industrial Brands choose to be rebranded as Williams? 

DavisDavisBill Davis: The reason we chose to rebrand Snap-on Industrial Brands as Williams was to align our broad offering of industrial tools with one of the most recognized industrial tool brands in the market.  Williams has represented authentically industrial tools for nearly 140 years and we want build on that legacy with today’s engineering and innovation that will help solve the needs of industrial tool users today. 

With this rebranding, we are working to make things easier for our distributors and their customers. Market research and feedback from our distribution partners demonstrated that we were not leveraging all of our assets and we needed to do some work to provide clarity to our portfolio.  Our mission is that this rebranding reinforces the message that we are serious about serving the needs of industrial tool users and we respect the value that our distribution partners bring to their customers.

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ID: How does this rebranding affect distributors?

Davis: We recognize that we have to make it easier for our distribution partners to do business with Williams. Williams is not intended to be just a transactional brand, but rather is positioned to add value and support to industrial applications in a variety of industries. Williams and its field sales professionals offer value in areas such as safety training on proper tool use; the importance of ergonomics; training on tethered tools; proper torque and calibration and many other critical aspects of tool use.  Add to this our new on-line distributor portal to improve access to ordering and product information; our new digital assets that include upgraded images, improved data and social media content;  and more – we are committed to help our distribution partners improve their ability to service their customers with the Williams brand of industrial tools.  These are some of the valuable assets offered to distributors and their customers that we feel help differentiate Williams.

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ID: What should distributors know about the rebranded Williams?

Williams Catalog Cover Image 60db7c7312515Davis: Williams tools are built for industrial applications.  We are known as the “workhorse” line of tools.   This recognition by our tool users is important to us as it drives all we do in making our tools.  A majority of all our tools are built in our own factories in the USA or Europe – and we are committed to meeting the rigorous demands of our tools in the environments they are used.  Industrial tools are built for use in demanding industries such as:

  • Power Generation
  • Oil, Gas & Petrochem
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Metal Fabrication

ID: What can distributors come to expect in promoting Williams to their customers?

Davis: One – we are committed to helping regional distribution partners convert industrial tool business with products that show differentiation and are proven to perform in the most demanding of industrial environments.  Two – we have a sales and customer service organization that is committed to helping distribution – with programs and services that align with how distribution partners go to market.  

We’ve spent almost all of 2020 creating better and more focused assets to distribution sales teams and their customers.  Components such as our new website (https://www.williams-industrial.com); improved digital capabilities including an online interactive catalog; increased product and brand videos to share information; point of sales materials– these are all initiatives to assist our distribution partners and help drive conversations and recommend the right products for their customers. 

ID: How does this rebranding set Williams up for success moving forward?

Davis: We are very optimistic about the future of the Williams program with our distribution partners.  We are working with key industries to develop new products; we are continuing to invest in digital assets to support our distribution partners; we have weekly training sessions with our sales team to support their work with distribution customers; and we now have a clear and authentic brand platform in which we can build from.  All we ask is that distributors give Williams a chance to prove itself as a resource to strengthen the bonds with their customers.    

Bill Davis is the Vice President of Industrial Distribution Sales for Williams. He can be reached at [email protected]; https://www.williams-industrial.com/us_en/

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