Sphere 1 Announces New President, Eventual CEO Change

Sphere 1 announced that Rob Moe has been promoted from senior vice president to president, and will become CEO in January 2019 upon current CEO Carol Shackelford's retirement.

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Tool, fastener and concrete accessory distributor cooperative Sphere 1 has announced that Rob Moe was promoted to president effective Jan. 1, and will assume the CEO position in January 2019.

“The leadership of Rob Moe as our future CEO will be key to the success of our organization,” said Carol Shackelford, Sphere 1 CEO. “Our board of directors has worked with me to build an incredible management team that is positioned to take Sphere 1 to greater heights than I could have imagined.”

Prior to joining Sphere 1 in 2015 as senior vice president, Moe's more than 30-year career included working for Duo Fast, Allied Fastener and Tools, Powers Fasteners and Lackmond Products. 

Since being second in command, Moe has served as the architect for enhancing Sphere 1’s communication and development strategy by increasing their offering through training and planning platforms, and cementing its concrete footprint in the construction industry. This has strengthened the engagement between its members and suppliers and has helped Sphere 1 grow organically by 14 percent.

“Being in is this industry since my early 20’s has taught me a tremendous amount,” Moe said. “The first thing I learned is, it’s filled with people that care about their customers, as well as those they do business with. This industry relies on character, integrity, building sound relationships, doing what it takes to make a difference, and in the end, doing it profitably. I was always proud of serving Sphere 1’s members as a supplier, and now, I am proud to help both our members and suppliers not just reach, but exceed their business expectations.”

Sphere 1 also announced that Carol Shackelford will be retiring on Dec. 31, 2018, transitioning to a consultant for Sphere 1 in January 2019. She will devote her time supporting the management team to ensure a smooth transition. Shackelford helped develop Sphere 1 in 1999, along with its seven founding directors. Today, as one of the industry’s leading cooperatives, Sphere 1 has grown to 153 members, with more than 100 suppliers.

Shackelford will have officially put in 20 years with Irvine, CA-based Sphere 1 in 2019, remarking about their members and suppliers, “I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to help organize and launch the Sphere 1 Cooperative. Your belief in our organization and your participation in Sphere 1 has truly meant everything to me.”

“These are exciting times for Sphere 1 members, our preferred suppliers and our Sphere 1 management team,” said George Morgan, chairman of Sphere 1. “Our business is very good, but in addition, we are seeing the natural evolution of Sphere 1, from a startup entrepreneurial enterprise, to a professionally managed business focused on the success of our members. Carol Shackelford has been an incredible leader with great foresight. She has worked tirelessly over the years to assure the success of Sphere 1, and most recently, working with the board of directors to make sure the foundation was laid for that day when she was no longer the one driving the organization. We couldn’t be more fortunate than to have someone with the talent and experience that Rob Moe brings to the organization, and under Carol’s tutelage, Rob is well prepared to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.”

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