NetPlus Alliance Purchases Up 14 Percent In First Quarter

Having added 19 new industrial distributor members in 2015, NetPlus' quarter was above its 2014 overall growth of 13.5 percent.

​LOCKPORT, NY — NetPlus Alliance, a North American industrial and contractor supplies buying group, posted a 14 percent increase in purchases in the first quarter of 2015. This above average growth comes on the heels of a strong year in 2014, where the group saw a year over year increase of 13.5 percent. The group has added 19 new distributor members to date in 2015.

Founded in September 2002, the group has 391 distributor members with total annual sales of $13 Billion. Jennifer Murphy, President of NetPlus Alliance, said, “Our overriding business goal is always to exceed the annual growth in the industrial supplies marketplace. We have created our own ‘NetPlus Index’ to benchmark our group’s performance against the average sales of nine publicly traded industrial distributors, as well as the ISA distributor and manufacturer indices. We have been above that industry benchmark by over 50 percent for five consecutive quarters.”

NetPlus Alliance brings industrial and contractor supplies distributors of all sizes together to improve net profit, share best practices, and open doors to new opportunities. NetPlus Alliance leverages the group power and volume from 391 distributors to negotiate rebate programs with a broad selection of industrial and contractor supplies manufacturers and wholesalers. Categories include abrasives, adhesives, anchors, casters, chemicals, cutting tools, fasteners, hand tools, hoists, hoses, janitorial supplies, ladders, machine tools, material handling, paints, power tools, safety, saw blades, tape and film products, and vending and welding equipment.

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