IDC Adds 2 New Suppliers

Scheerer Bearing Corporation and Telco Sensors join IDC's group of preferred suppliers.

IDC-USA (Independent Distributors Cooperative) has added Scheerer Bearing Corporation and Telco Sensors – to its family of preferred suppliers.

Based out of eastern Pennsylvania, Scheerer Bearing Corporation has been global supplier of bearings and related products since 1963.

“Scheerer Bearing is looking forward to providing IDC-USA distributors with high-quality, large size bearings," said George Rymar, Scheerer Bearing CEO. "We have over 50 years of bearing manufacturing experience successfully producing big bearings for big industry,” said George Rymar. “We’re proud to be a part of the IDC-USA family and a supplier to ‘the largest cooperative in the power transmission industry.’” 

Telco Sensors is a Danish designer, developer and manufacturer of a wide selection of photoelectric sensors, photoelectric amplifiers, light curtains and optical fork sensors, established in 1975.

“After a successful 20 year relationship with Pooley, Inc., and at the recommendation of Mark Balcom, we recognized the value of partnering with IDC-USA,” said Richard Livengood, President of Telco Sensors. “We look forward to working closely with IDC Distributors and bringing creative solutions to their customers.”

“We want to give IDC Distributors every opportunity possible to succeed,” stated Jack Bailey, IDC President and CEO. “Both of these suppliers offer distinct services and expertise that will continue to push this cooperative in a positive direction.”


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