nexAir Expands Mississippi Footprint With HICO Acquisition

The move gains nexAir a 28-year-old helium distributor in Jackson, Mississippi.

MEMPHIS, TN — Memphis-based nexAir, one of the largest distributors of atmospheric gases and welding supplies in the United States, announced Monday that it has acquired the assets and operations of National Balloon & Banner (doing business as HICO of Jackson), a 28-year-old helium distributor in Jackson, Mississippi.  nexAir began servicing HICO’s customers as of the transaction closing Nov. 2. 

“The HICO team’s addition will help to further strengthen our existing operations in Jackson and central Mississippi, and we’re anxious to welcome our new customers to the nexAir family,” said Kevin McEniry, CEO at nexAir. “We’re hopeful that this acquisition will enhance product offerings for customers of both companies.”

The acquisition bolsters nexAir’s footprint in central Mississippi, joining nearby locations in Pearl and Louisville, and grants new customers access to the company’s seasoned industry expertise. In addition to its knowledge of helium and other industrial and specialty gases and welding supplies, nexAir brings expert insight in automation trends and the latest welding procedures.

“We are excited to continue servicing the helium industry in central Mississippi as part of the nexAir team,” said Ken Jones, owner of HICO. “The combined experience and service offerings of our two companies will help ensure our customers continue to receive the products they need with the customer service they’ve grown to appreciate.”

nexAir will spend the coming weeks working with their new customers to ensure a smooth transition of services and implementing nexAir’s culture of safety and efficiency across the area.  For more information, please visit

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