Step Drill Bits Designed for Increased Durability, Speed and Productivity

Step Drill Bit Range

ATLANTA — Diablo, a solution-oriented range products for the professional user, announces their new impact and drill-driver-ready Step Drill Bits. Using innovative technology, these new Step Drill Bits are designed to meet the user's needs when drilling holes in sheet metal, stainless steel, PVC and other plastics. In fact, these new Step Drill Bits answer the growing issues confronting users of standard step drill bits, namely, durability, speed and lack of being impact driver ready.

The building market is dominated by cordless tools and is quickly transitioning from drill drivers to impact drivers. Diablo gathers end-user feedback constantly, and realizes that step drill bits have not kept up with these trends and have a variety of design issues that hold back worker productivity, drilling accuracy and bit longevity. For example, with a standard step drill bit:

  • The tip and the cutting edges wear out quickly.
  • To prevent bit walking, users must pre-drill, prior to using a step drill bit.
  • The bits have a tendency to jam during use.
  • They often require use of multiple drills because not all step drill bits are impact driver ready.
  • Users are frequently unable to identify the sizes of the steps.
  • Repeated use of step drill bits with a drill driver is hard on the user's wrist and slows down completion of the task.

Now, Diablo announces that with the introduction of its new impact and drill driver ready Step Dill Bits that has all changed. These new bits have been designed to be "best in the world" in terms of durability, speed and accuracy, eliminating the problems users have with standard step drill bits.

The new Diablo Step Drill Bits feature:

  • A Split Point Tip stays sharper longer for easy on-point drilling – no pre-drilling necessary – This translates into increased speed, maximum durability and up to six times longer life of the bit.
  • Accu-Grind Technology – This process delivers strict angle tolerances on each step for minimal bit wear and up to two times faster drilling and hole making for increased tool productivity.
  • Drills clean holes, leaving no nasty burrs and can de-burr holes as well.
  • Impact Strong - An impact drill ready ¼" hex shank which can be used on your standard corded or cordless drill driver as well as cordless impact drills.
  • More efficiency – These bits provide up to 75 percent more holes per battery charge when drilling in high speed mode.
  • Optimized dual-flute design for jam-free holes and easier chip removal.
  • Easy-to-read laser marked steps for accurately drilling holes of varying sizes.

Diablo's new Step Drill Bits include a 1/2-inch 6-step bit; a 1/2-inch 13-step bit; a 3/4-inch 9-step bit; a 7/8-inch 12-step bit; a 1-1/8-inch 17-step bit and a drill driver only 1-3/8-inch 15-step bit.

Diablo's Step Drill Bits are available wherever Diablo products are sold. For more information, visit: