A Look At Grainger Show 2016

Grainger Show 2016 runs through Wednesday in Orlando, FL, where 700+ suppliers are on hand to exhibit. Take a look at what's happening there.

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Grainger kicked off its 2016 Grainger show on Monday in Orlando, FL, where the company says more than 700 suppliers are exhibiting on the nearly 475,000 square foot floor. 

Running through Wednesday, the 12th annual event brings together Grainger customers, suppliers, and team members from around the country. The show provides networking opportunities, and gives suppliers and customers a chance to learn more about Grainger – No. 3 on Industrial Distribution's 2015 Big 50 List.

"This show is the perfect way for us to demonstrate how Grainger is uniquely positioned to serve large businesses and institutions," said Deb Oler, President of Large Customer and Latin American Business with Grainger in a release. "Customers will gain a greater understanding of how we partner with them like no one else in the industry to offer comprehensive and proven strategies to help them save time and money, and stay safe."

One of the show features is 'Grainger Town,' a 20,000 square-foot interactive exhibit that informs custoemrs about inventory management, safety, e-commerce, and solutions to reduce MRO costs.

Attendees also benefit from networking and speaking sessions about manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and transportation, e-commerce, safety, and inventory management.

"Customers will leave the Grainger Show with a greater understanding of the trends affecting their respective industries, and products and services available to help them adapt successfully," Oler said.

See Grainger's Day 2 video posted Wednesday:

Here's Grainger's Day 1 video posted Tuesday:

Grainger's Twitter feed was very active at the show, giving those not at the show views and insights into what they're missing.