ARG Industrial Adds Idaho Branch

The company's 13th location expands its footprint to a fourth state.

ARG Industrial branch, Spokane, Wash.
ARG Industrial branch, Spokane, Wash.
ARG Industrial

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — ARG Industrial, a leading distributor of hose, fittings and rigging products, on Friday announced the opening of its newest location in Hayden, Idaho.

The move marks a significant milestone for the company: it opens a 13th location, which expands its footprint into a new state.

The employee-owned company continues to invest in growth as it serves customers from a wide variety of industries throughout the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

“Our new location in Hayden comes at a great time. The area is experiencing rapid growth north of Coeur d’Alene along the Highway 95 corridor. This branch is strategically positioned to meet the regions increasing demands for the products and services we provide. This also represents an extension of our business model, putting us closer to where our customers need us most.”
- Mike Mortensen, president and CEO

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