Manufacturers Rep Lawless Group Adds Jobsite Specialists to East Team

Their roles will be to ensure proper integration, utilization, and safe use of products on the job site.

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DALLAS, TX — Lawless Group East announced Jan. 17 that it has welcomed two new jobsite specialists to the team.

Mark Sanchez of Birmingham, AL and William Dent Brock (W.D.) of Greenville, SC will service the southeast territory as jobsite specialists.  

Their roles will be to ensure proper integration, utilization, and safe use of products on the job site. This will include training and observation of product usage by end-users on and off-site as well as collaboratively working with our distribution partners in the field. This creates more opportunities, knowledge, and product market penetration. 

JobsitePrior to joining Lawless Group East, Sanchez worked with Apex Systems and Johnson & Johnson where he spearheaded new business and excelled in leading extensive and complex clinical training programs. Sanchez is bilingual with exceptional training experience; he bridges the worlds of technical and execution and is a graduate of the University of Alabama,  Birmingham. 

Brock, previously with Techtronic Industries (TTI), drove sales and generated brand awareness growth of Milwaukee and Ryobi power tool sales. Brock is a growing team player who excels building relationships and exceeding expectations. He is a graduate of the University of  Mississippi. 

These roles build stronger voice of the customer relationships, vital in today’s changing landscape. The Lawless Group believes that staying in front of the end-user, with exceptional service, drives customer loyalty. 

WLawless East’s President Justin Vailes noted, “Mark and WD are great additions to our East team. They both have a high desire to win and bring an excitement to our end-user  engagement.” 

The addition of Sanchez and Brock expands the Lawless Group East team they continue to have more people in more places across the southeast.  

More than a vendor, The Lawless Group is a partner, both to the manufacturers they support and the distributors they serve. A solutions-based company founded in building relationships first – and results that follow. They help customers penetrate the market through innovation, engagement and creating connected strategies that move people to action for profitable growth.

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