Tool & Mold Supplier Adler Industrial Rebrands Subsdiary Shorts Tool and Mfg to Pinnacle Molds

Adler says the change better aligns with Adler's identity as a provider of high-precision and extremely tight tolerance injection molds and mold components.


SAEGERTOWN, PA — Adler Industrial Solutions, Inc., a fast-growing company in the tooling and mold industry, announced Jan. 10 a rebranding of its subsidiary Shorts Tool and Mfg., Inc. to Pinnacle Molds, Inc.

The name change better aligns the subsidiary with Adler's brand identity as a provider of high-precision and extremely tight tolerance injection molds and mold components, and reflects the Company's investments in improved machinery, tools, software and processes.

"Pinnacle will retain its individuality yet benefit from Adler's resources and experience," said Philipp Gruner, CEO of Adler. "The new name and logo demonstrate that Pinnacle aspires to be the top supplier to its best customers within its categories of work."

Gruner continued, "Our commitment to our clients remains as strong as ever. The skilled staff at Pinnacle are excited to offer more to the customers they've been steadfastly serving for years."

Adler Industrial Solutions, Inc. launched in 2021. Its mission is to better serve the manufacturing industry via a network of geographically distributed tool & die companies, with an initial focus on manufacturers of injection molds and ancillary products. For more information, visit

Located in Saegertown, Pennsylvania, Pinnacle is a manufacturer of close-tolerance and multi-cavity plastic injection molds and ancillary products primarily for the medical, consumer goods, aerospace and industrial industries. The company was founded in 2001 and utilizes advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide precise, reliable and effective customer tooling. For more information, visit

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