Factrees, a New Sourcing Platform for Manufacturers, Sales Reps and Distributors, Officially Launches

The platform matches sourcing partners based on product lines, territory, services offered and business relationships.

Press Release Factrees Launch

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA — Factrees, a networking platform that simplifies finding quality sourcing partners, has been launched.

Connecting manufacturers, sales reps, and distributors is now easy, quick, and cost-effective after launching a platform that matches sourcing partners based on product lines, territory, services offered and business relationships.

“Factrees is the new kid on the block,” said Keith Williams, Factrees Co-Founder and CEO, while announcing the launch of the B2B networking platform that seeks to revolutionize the way sourcing is done. “Factrees’ searchable B2B network of manufacturers, independent sales reps, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers is the right place to make the best connections and partnerships to grow your business,”

Williams added that the searchable network makes it easy for the customers to find the best sourcing partners using the best-in-class AI-powered search engine and filters.

With Factrees, companies showcase their experience and reputation by displaying their relationships with manufacturers and distributors. Users can provide ratings and reviews of their business partners that other users can leverage on the platform to evaluate potential sourcing partners. In addition, the Factrees messaging feature allows users to message each other directly and have real-time video meetings all inside the platform.

“We are creating a sourcing community that simplifies and expedites the process of finding quality sourcing partners while reducing the dependency on word-of-mouth and tradeshow marketing for driving growth,” said Williams, while pointing out that the sourcing landscape is vast and extremely fragmented. Factrees is providing a much-needed solution for this extremely fragmented market.

How Factrees works

  • Users create company profiles that expand their exposure to sourcing partners across the country. Factrees allows companies to connect quickly and easily to get products from the factory to customers.
  • Search and Claim Company using the Claim button and verifying through email, and the process of networking begins
  • Fill the profile by adding details that all the Factrees network can view
  • Publish the profile once satisfied and start growing the contacts by inviting your business partners into the network


Before revealing the platform for general use, Factrees invited select companies for free early access to test the key features. These customers were allowed to build their company profiles before launch. The features which were available for early access included:

  • Claiming the company profile
  • Specification of the territory coverage
  • Defining the categories and industries that the user supported
  • Assigning business partners

The early access was also meant to inform Factrees about the platform’s performance and offer a chance to work on the areas where customers suggested improvement.

According to Factrees representative, customers were eagerly waiting for its launch. Courtney Little, President of Ace Glass, who participated in the Beta, said that "Factrees has a great solution where it provides efficient tools and processes that will assist manufacturers and representatives in connecting easily." The platform is not only helpful to the manufacturers, sales representatives, and distributors who participated in early access. They also hailed it as a simple and detailed way to promote businesses. “There is a groundswell of realignment between manufacturers and sales representatives. Factrees is offering valuable tools; a professional approach to connect and match all manufacturers with quality sales agents,” said Ron Smith, President & CEO of Curtis Stout, adding that he highly recommends Factrees for its positive impact on the business.


When it comes to pricing, the company representatives say signing up and creating a profile is free, but there will be monthly subscriptions for expanded features and information. “The Factrees platform will be completely free for users to search the network, claim/create a company profile and publish that profile to the entire network,” said the representative adding that users will be able to find quality sourcing partners, evaluate them based on relevant data and connect with them all in one place.

For more information, visit: www.factrees.com

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