Dutch B2B Startup Tradesnest Launches Platform to Connect Products With Distributors & Retailers

The new platform acts to help both companies expanding in new markets and distributors looking for new products and innovations.

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Connecting with the right distributors can take a product to the next level. The innovative new platform Tradesnest acts as a “win-win” opportunity helping both companies expanding in new markets and distributors looking for new products and innovations.

One of the most difficult things to do for a company producing a quality product is to build ties with a reliable and motivated distributor. Poor choices in this area can be an extreme drain on time, money, and energy. A similar dynamic also occurs from the other direction, with well meaning distributors having to wade through poor product choices until they find a company that they can count on.

Tradesnest Logo 2The good news is this landscape has just changed for the better, to the benefit of both companies with products to offer and forward thinking distribution firms. Tradesnest recently announced the launch of its exciting new business-to-business platform, providing a valuable place that helps connect quality products with trusted distributors and retailers, while celebrating innovation. In just a few clicks, users have access to a large number of businesses, broken down by category, who are eager to start a new partnership.

Innovative tech products, national retailers, distributors, are all encouraged to join Tradesnest.

“We offer a smart solution for innovators to present their products directly to retail buyers and distributors to scale their business faster in new markets,” commented Nancy, Founder and CEO of Tradesnest. “Our platform can deliver better results than searching through online directories, cold calling, or trying to make connections at trade shows, with much less time and money needed to get results.”

Some of the categories currently popular on Tradesnest include Electronics, Smart Home Products, Office Supply, Home and Lights, Gadgets, Travel and Lifestyle. This list is expected to grow quickly as the number of the users of the platform rises.

The Tradesnest team, who has over 14 years of hard-earned experience working with the best-in-class products, distributors and retailers around the world, put both product innovators and buyers through a thorough, strict, qualification process to ensure only the best make it to the platform.

Tradesnest can be accessed 24-hours-a-day seven days a week from any internet connected device, like desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets for maximum convenience.

Early feedback for the platform has been very positive.

J.S., from California, recently said in a five-star review, “Using Tradesnest’s platform allowed us to connect directly with key buyers in the industry to grow fast without having to spend large capital.”

Apply as a Brand or as Retailer/Distributor today at https://tradesnest.com.

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