Distributor Consulting Firms Rivet|MRO, Centerprism Form Alliance

The partnership allows both firms to serve independent distributors looking for solutions in ERP and e-commerce.

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ST. LOUIS, MO — Two St. Louis-area consulting firms that focus on serving independent distributors, Rivet|MRO and Centerprism, have announced they have entered into a strategic partnership.

Centerprism is a Microsoft Parnter that sells fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The Centerprism system is dedicated to reducing ERP complexities for the small to mid-size distribution company.  The software and system platform is the only Full Spectrum ERP Software Solution developed to meet all the needs of the wholesale distributor. This all-in-one product replaces multiple software solutions often cobbled together to accomplish the same objectives. Centerprism is the answer for your ERP software and ERP system. From inventory management, order entry, AR collections, Sales Management and the best financials available, this software system offers the greatest range of solutions available in the market place.

Rivet|MRO is a marketing consulting firm that offers both strategic and creative services. Rivet|MRO is known for its proprietary Co|optimizer Co-op Maximizer program. The program makes it easy for independent distributors find and claim the co-op marketing funds they have earned. The company uses those co-op funds to produce targeted marketing initiatives for distributors. These initiatives include graphics animation videos, clickable catalogs, sales promotions, brochures & collateral materials, promotional products and more.

“We call on the same audience,” said Michael Hollingsworth, president/founder of Centerprism, “and we both provide incredibly valuable services to under-resourced independent distributors. Given our mutual focus and different deliverables, it seemed like a perfect strategic partnership. We often help our clients with their websites, and this partnership gives us access to award-winning creative and marketing talent that can focus on messaging, while we focus on technology solutions.”

“Our clients often express the need for ERP or e-commerce solutions,” said Tim Rasmussen, founder of Rivet|MRO, “and this puts us in a position to better serve our customers. Besides, we often get involved in eCommerce implementations, but don’t have that internal technical expertise. Now we have access to a top-notch eCommerce resource and can plug it immediately into our service offering.”

For more information, visit www.rivetMRO.com and www.centerprism.com

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