Royal Supply Co. President Launches New Distributor: Specialty Bearings

Specialty Bearings was created out of the need to provide customers with difficult-to-find bearings and services for them.


Effective Tuesday, Don Chargin, president of Royal Supply Company, has announced the inception of his new company, Specialty Bearings. Specialty Bearings is a company that will distribute bearings and services to all industry segments. Specialty Bearings will offer world-class products for OEM and MRO  markets.

Specialty Bearings was created out of the need to provide customers with difficult-to-find bearings (i.e. bearings that require modification) and services such as snap ring grooving, pre-loading, re-lubrication, failure analysis, cost reduction, and design review, as well as kitting services.

Chargin, a veteran in the bearings, power transmission, and industrial services space and resident of Specialty Bearings, is excited to offer customers a complete range of design options, alternative solutions and technical support.

"In past years, due to bearing manufacturers acquisitions and consolidation, the market has experienced a great deal of product rationalization, resulting in longer lead times and fewer product alternatives," Chargin said. "Today’s industry forecast shows that many manufacturer minimum order quantities are too high and not cost-effective. We specialize in these small to mid-size requirements."

In addition to Specialty Bearings’ services, the company will offer SSB (Slim Section Bearings) made in the United States, with a design configurator for product and part number selection. SSB offers specials, ceramics, specialty materials and private label services.

Specialty Bearings is also offering an electric motor, pump, and compressor program.

Specialty Bearings will offer the option to mail or email your specific product print or drawing to review your request and application directly to our website.

Specialty Bearings is looking forward to serving your needs with specialty bearing requirements.

For more detailed information, visit the Specialty Bearings website:, or contact Specialty Bearings at 1-855-401-4559.


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