The Whittemore Co. Expands Dormer Pramet Territories

Wisconsin becomes the sixth state in which the company will distribute the tool line.

Id 38276 The Whittemore Co

The Whittemore Co. recently announced the expansion of their Dormer Pramet territories to the state of Wisconsin. Since April of 2018, Whittemore has represented the Dormer Pramet line in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and Missouri, but their continued success with the manufacturer has allowed for a territory expansion. The addition of Wisconsin was effective January 1, 2019.

“The opportunity to expand our coverage area with a world-class manufacturer like Dormer Pramet is a welcomed and coveted addition to our agency," says Dave Zaval, president for Whittemore Co. "This company has a very rich history with their brands, which include Precision Twist Drill, Union Butterfield, Dormer and Pramet, which allow us to gain instant name recognition and open doors which would be difficult to open otherwise. We are very pleased with our relationship and the confidence Dormer Pramet management has placed in us.”

Id 38276 The Whittemore Co

Dormer Pramet, with North American headquarters in Elgin, Illinois, has a history in America dating back to its founding in 1952 as Precision Twist Drill, in suburban Chicago. While the Precision Twist Drill brand
has developed a focus on HSS drills, the company has added other brands to complete its manufacturing portfolio including Union Butterfield for HSS taps, Dormer for high-performance drills, and Pramet for a
complete indexable line.

Today, Dormer Pramet is a one-stop manufacturer for round and indexable cutting tools for turning, milling, drilling and tapping.

“The Dormer Pramet tools and teams stand for SIMPLY RELIABLE because our distributors and end users know we will support their productivity and growth," says Brent Marsh, the North Central regional manager of Dormer Pramet. "Whittemore embraces this philosophy. Having been representing Dormer Pramet in the Midwest since 2018, we are excited to expand Whittemore’s representation of our company into Wisconsin."

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