AD Safety Network Holds First In-Person Conference

The division welcomed seven new members.

2022 Safety Network Press Release

LAS VEGAS – The AD Safety Network Division celebrated the strength of independent distributors at the AD Safety Network Partnership Conference in Las Vegas from June 5-8.

This meeting was the division’s first in-person meeting since AD formed the Safety Network Division in 2021. Members and supplier partners gathered to share best practices, discuss industry trends, and leverage AD’s network experience to develop strategies that will help independents continue to compete and win in the safety market.

At the member business meeting, Mike Carr, president of AD’s Industrial & Safety divisions-U.S., highlighted AD Safety Network’s successful track record and celebrated the membership’s commitment to accelerate growth with AD suppliers. The division welcomed seven new AD Safety Network members that joined a strong network of members from the U.S., Canada and Mexico at the event. Through the first half of 2022, the division is on pace to deliver another record year.

AD Chairman and CEO Bill Weisberg shared AD’s overall financial results and thanked the Safety Network Division’s membership for their strong performance and contributions to AD’s overall record performance in 2021.

During the conference, members met with their divisional network groups, which bring non-competing members together to share best practices, maximize AD programs, form new business relationships and strengthen existing ones. Members also participated in structured booth appointments with supplier partners to collaborate on opportunities for growth.

"The conference is an amazing opportunity for members to learn from one another and consider new options to grow their business and improve operations,” said Burk Shaw, President, GoSafe and AD Safety Network Division Board Chair. “Since we formed the AD Safety Network division in January 2021, the AD team has done a great job bringing added value to members through sales initiatives and larger supplier portfolio options. We're excited by the division's growth so far in 2022, and we're working to continue that success moving forward."

AD also recognized member success in AD’s Conversion Campaign, a program incentivizing members to conduct more business with AD suppliers. Division members leaned into the new program and leveraged AD’s structured process to help drive growth.

“AD Safety Network members are having an incredible 2022 so far,” said Jennifer Hogeland, director of member services for the division. “The Conversion Campaign has been valuable as a great source of growth, and it brings mutual success to our members and suppliers – a true example that ‘Together, we win.’”

AD recognizes leaders in the Safety Network division

AD celebrated the Safety Network division’s standout year by giving a series of awards to members and suppliers who outperformed the market, excelled in marketing, leadership and giving back and recognized a best AD workplace.

Congratulations to the following companies for their performance in 2021:

AD also presented Board Member Appreciation awards to Stanford Johnson, executive vice president of Northern Safety and Industrial, and Jon Eames, vice president of the industrial supply division at Horizon Solutions, LLC, for their leadership and innovative decision-making as they guided the division to a successful year. 

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