Gerber to Leave ISA; Association Appoints Interim Leader

The Industrial Supply Association said 5-year CEO Ed Gerber will soon leave the group and that it has promoted a new executive director.

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YORK, PA — At 3:00 PM ET Tuesday, Maria Ford, Chair of the ISA Board of Directors, sent a message to the full membership of the Industrial Supply Association. The content of the message is included below along with a link to the official letter:

"Dear valued ISA Member,

Successfully Leading the Channel Forward includes embracing the complexity of change. ISA has been on a fast-paced journey over the last several years evolving with an ever-changing market.

This journey has been fast-tracked by an incredible ISA team assembled and lead by our current President & CEO, Ed Gerber. Our ISA team and Board of Directors just finished an incredible fall board meeting strategically focused on the continued evolution of the association value proposition. It was a powerful session.

As an outcome of the meeting, this note is intended to inform you of upcoming changes within the ISA team.

GerberGerberAfter 5 years as President & CEO of ISA, Ed Gerber will be departing the association to pursue a transformational professional opportunity that in Ed’s words, “will be life-changing for him and his family.” The Board of Directors of ISA are extremely proud of Ed and the work he and his team has accomplished to date in positioning ISA as a leader within the channel. We sincerely thank Ed and wish him continued success in the future.

The great news… Ed leaves us in extremely capable hands. Rest assured that ISA is in the best position ever to grow to the next level with an incredibly talented team, one of the best boards that ISA has ever assembled, and a vision that is poised to become reality.

BreenBreenAdditionally, the board of directors has unanimously moved to elevate Brendan Breen to the role of Executive Vice President of ISA. In an “interim” capacity his new role will include working in full collaboration with the board, leading all aspects of the daily operations of the association including the ISA team. He will continue to drive new and active programs fulfilling the agreed-upon mission and vision of ISA.

While the board of directors has a fiduciary responsibility to consider all options for the position of ISA President & CEO, the board of directors is extremely confident in Brendan’s ability to lead the association effectively through this interim period. Brendan is a talented, demonstrated leader within the ISA team!

Brendan’s transition to his new role will begin effective immediately. Ed has voiced his confidence in this transition plan and is passionate in his support of its success. Ed will remain in his current role until his formal departure on November 30th, 2021. Ed has agreed to make himself available to the board and the ISA team in an advisory role beyond his formal departure date.

The recruitment notification in pursuit of filling the ISA President & CEO position long-term will go out immediately following this announcement. It will be guided by the Executive Committee of the board of directors with the expectation that the process will be completed expeditiously with the goal of naming the association’s new President & CEO by the week of January 3, 2022.

On behalf of myself and the ISA Board of Directors, we thank you all for your membership in, and continued support of ISA!"

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