PipelineDeals Sponsors Industrial Supply Association's IMR 2.0 Business and Planning Conference

Independent manufacturing representatives to utilize sales pipeline enablement tools to gain industry certification.

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Isa Imr 2 0CHICAGO — PipelineDeals, the sales pipeline enablement platform for sales teams, announced its sponsorship of the Industrial Supply Association’s IMR 2.0 Business and Planning Conference to support the industry’s first sales process standard called IMR 2.0. Seattle-based PipelineDeals, which is an ISA Service Provider member, has been involved with the co-development of the IMR 2.0 Platform for one year.

Pipelinedeals“PipelineDeals is an affordable, out-of-the-box, industry-proven solution, that enables IMRs and their Principals to collaborate in real-time to win deals smarter and faster. This sets a new standard of expectations that satisfy the evolving End User needs and Channel 2.0 vision,” said Ed Gerber, CEO of the Industrial Supply Association. 

Isa LogoISA is an association that fosters relationships for distributors, independent manufacturing representatives (IMRs), suppliers and manufacturers in the maintenance, repair, operations, and production (MROP) supply industry. The IMR 2.0 Platform, which is the core focus of the IMR 2.0 Business and Planning Conference in Chicago, is one of ISA’s major initiatives that define a strategic vision that sets up IMRs to adopt best practices to ensure manufacturers and IMRs work strategically together as the industry evolves rapidly to focus around the end-user.    

PipelineDeals delivers on the IMR 2.0 vision by offering the sales pipeline enablement software tools — including a new feature called SuperShare — that makes real-time collaboration with manufacturers simple. In the end, IMRs can win deals smarter and faster.   

“We’re proud to play a strategic role in the innovative, industry-first IMR 2.0 initiative by powering IMRs with the ability to sell smarter. Our goal from day one was to ensure the IMR experience with PipelineDeals would be easy yet highly effective,” said JP Welin, CEO and Co-Founder of PipelienDeals.

Werlin added, “IMRs will find that PipelineDeals is all about collaboration made simple.”  

ISA members can learn more about the IMR 2.0 Powered by PipelineDeals initiative as well as download a free trial of a customized PipelineDeals here

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