IBC Adds Rust-Oleum, G.W. Schultz Tool As Preferred Suppliers

Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands, a supplier of industrial paints and coatings, and G.W. Schultz Tool, Inc., a manufacturer of custom solid round carbide cutting tools, have joined IBS as Preferred Suppliers in its IndustrialSupplyPlus division.

East Granby, CT –  IBC announced the addition of Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands, a Tier 1 supplier of industrial paints and coatings, as a Preferred Supplier in its IndustrialSupplyPlus division.

Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands is a leading manufacturer of protective paints, coatings, lubricants and specialty products for both home and industry. Rust-Oleum delivers premium innovative, cost effective solutions to problems caused by rust, heat, abrasion, chemicals, and everyday wear and tear.  With solutions across a large variety of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, property management, petrochemical, food and beverage, government and many others, it’s no wonder why millions of people have turned to Rust-Oleum to improve and protect their assets.  Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands sells only through distribution and provides unparalleled support to its partners.  “Every distributor has a different approach to the market, target customer and business philosophy,” stated Lana Sorensen, Director of Marketing Communications, Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands. “When we combine our market expertise with a distributor’s strategy, we have a recipe for growth every time.”

“We are eager to work with IBC Independent Distributors to expand Rust-Oleum’s reach into key vertical markets. From aerospace and automotive to smaller Tier 2 manufacturers, there are tremendous opportunities for growth,” said Keith Barnett, Director of Sales, Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands.

“IBC is dedicated to adding more Tier 1 suppliers, like Rust-Oleum, to our buying group,” said Nancy Schwind, Director of Business Development – Suppliers. Rust-Oleum provides IBC Distributors with a significant opportunity in the area of facility maintenance and floor coatings. “IBC distributors that are walking to the spindle are literally walking past an opportunity to help end user customers with critical maintenance and safety issues.”

East Granby, CT – G.W. Schultz Tool, Inc., a manufacturer of custom solid round carbide cutting tools, including high performance end mills and drills, has joined IBC as a Preferred Supplier in its IndustrialSupplyPlus division.

G.W. Schultz has a proven track record in the machining industry for its ability to develop highly- custom engineered tooling solutions – and for providing fast turn times on modified standards. The company also offers a full line of standard catalog products that are well suited for use in the automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, armament industries.

G.W. Schultz differentiates itself from the competition based on its engineering expertise and its ability to turn around custom tools quickly – and at a fair price. “Distributors look to G.W. Schultz to help solve problems for end user customers,” said Adam Lafferty, Business Development Manager, G.W. Schultz Tool, Inc. “Our engineers are willing to take on tough metal cutting challenges that our competition won’t touch. Whether it’s creating a custom tool from a blueprint or modifying an existing tool for high-production cutting, we are able to develop a product and have it out the door in days or weeks – not months.”  

According to Lafferty, the IBC network is a good fit for G.W. Schultz because many of its members “represent companies that started their business around machining. They spend much of their time on the shop floor and bring years of knowledge in the area of cutting tools.”

“G.W. Schultz is committed to providing IBC distributors with an extra layer of engineering support that can help knock the competitive products off the spindle,” said Nancy Schwind, Director of Business Development – Suppliers. “We are excited about the value they bring to the IBC distributor network.” G.W. Schultz also offers customer-specific regrind programs that help distributors create additional revenues and manage customer inventory.


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