Nissco Adds E.S. Robbins To Supplier Portfolio

NISSCO adds a specialist in extruded polymer products in ES Robbins, a supplier that meets the needs of independent distributors.

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DULLES, VA β€” NISSCO recently announced the addition of ES Robbins to its list of supplier partners. Headquartered in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, ES Robbins specializes in extruded polymer products, and is dedicated to the research, development and marketing of high quality items for office, industry, food service and equine markets. Holding over 150 patents, owner and inventor Ed Robbins dedicated the past 45 years to innovating plastics that have improved quality of life, work and play.  His efforts to provide unique products and programs for distributors and dealers reflect the very best in service, technology, materials and product design. The ES Robbins strategy for success focuses on making quality products with features and benefits that are profitable to dealers and distributors through competitive pricing and superior service. 

According to NISSCO President, Mark Bozich, β€œThe traditional modeling of product acquisition by the distributor has changed rapidly over these past few years as suppliers recognize the importance of getting inventory into a distributor sales channel in the preferred method of the distributor. Gone are the days of take-it-or-leave-it, direct, drop ship or wholesale, with no variance. The emerging channel suppliers offer the independent the choice of direct and (or) wholesale or drop ship, based on what suits that distributor best. β€œ

β€œES Robbins comes to us as an emerging category that understands the needs of the independent distributor. Together we have implemented a strategy that utilizes every aspect of distributor acquisition methodology and, when partnering with wholesalers, enhances the profit margin via pass-through program. This aspect, the pass-through, is but one of the many NISSCO innovations that level the playing field between the multi-national players and the regional distributors that are the core of our constituency. β€œ

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