Torrance, CA - The newest product from MK Diamond is DiamondX®, blades and grinding discs for the metal working industry. Diamond X is engineered with a state of the art brazing method that allows for a high concentration of diamonds to be bonded to a steel core. This process produces tools that can cut and grind easily through practically any ferrous material. DiamondX uses industrial quality diamonds to extend disc or blade life by 50x. Choosing the right tool is so important with regards to performance, safety and investment. Performance is excellent with DiamondX Tools. They are designed for use on a number of materials, such as high and low carbon steel, hard facing alloys, ductile and cast iron, rail track steel section bar and tubing. The same tool can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as ceramics and polymers. From the safety standpoint, DiamondX cutting and grinding discs are designed to significantly reduce vibration during grinding. The amount of sparks and debris emitted from a job using DiamondX are far below a standard abrasive tool because the only debris is from the material being cut, rather than the disc, says the company. There is no disc breakage, odor, or dust, improving the operator’s visibility during a job and reducing the risk of fire. The ROI is seem in that while standard abrasive blades tend to become nonfunctional as they lose their shape, DiamondX blades stay perfectly shaped and continue to deliver ideal results.

The DiamondX Series includes:

  • A Grinding Disc with a depressed center with diameters from 4" to 9", 24 grit.
  • A Cutting/Grinding Flat Disc with diameters from 4" to 9", 36 grit.
  • A Grinding Flat Disc with diameters from 4" to 9", 24 grit.
  • The Rail X is a cut-off wheel engineered for rail track steel, ductile and cast iron, available in 16" to 20", 30 grit.

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