Mallory Safety Acquired ENSA Divison Of Airstreams

ENSA will continue to provide on-site training throughout North America, and Airstreams will continue to offer ENSA certifications to its students . . .

Mallory Safety and Supply has Acquired the ENSA North America Training Division of Airstreams

Portland, OR - Mallory Safety and Supply—a safety distributor dedicated to helping companies create safer, healthier, and more productive workplaces, and Airstreams Renewables Inc, a leader in career safety and technical training, today announced that Mallory has acquired the ENSA North America training division of Airstreams. ENSA is a leader in wind energy specific height/rescue and confined space and, under the Mallory umbrella, will be able to add equipment, equipment rental and service, safety staffing, and other solutions to its training customers.

“This acquisition allows Mallory to continue to expand beyond just selling safety products towards helping our customers build a culture of safety,” said Tim Loy, Mallory’s President. “Adding the world class safety training that ENSA provides is a natural fit for meeting our customer’s safety needs, particularly those working at heights. With recent acquisitions, we’ve expanded our product width into industrial and construction products, while also moving to the higher end of safety with on-site safety personnel, a safety staffing division that places safety personnel on projects, and our service and rental departments that rent and repair fall protection, gas detection, breathing apparatus, and air compressors.”

Rob Siegel, director of training for the new ENSA division of Mallory, stated “Not only does Mallory offer the platform that will extend our product offerings and services, but in addition, customers can expect a more technologically advanced training curriculum and methodology.”
Additionally Siegel stated “Our instructional and management staff was elated to hear that the long time working relationship with Mallory has evolved into this. We have worked with Mallory as an equipment partner for the last several years, and think Mallory will provide our customers with a full package and a seamless transition. Our mission is to continuously improve so that our customers get a world class training experience.”

Under the terms of the agreement, ENSA will continue to provide on-site training throughout North America, and Airstreams will continue to offer ENSA certifications to its students.
"ENSA has established itself as the highest quality safety at height curriculum in North America," commented Jeff Duff, President of Airstreams. "With our transfer of ENSA to Mallory, we are excited to be able to retain the ability to offer our students the value of an ENSA certification. This transaction helps us focus on our wildly successful, accredited job training programs that have a great track record of placing returning veterans in quality jobs in the wind and other industries.”

About Mallory Safety and Supply
Mallory Safety and Supply LLC, (“Mallory”), based in Longview, WA, is the leading independent safety distributor on the West Coast, with a team of over 200 employees. The company places safety directors at jobsites throughout North America, but has brick and mortar stocking branches in Washington, Oregon, and California. For additional information, visit

About Airstreams
Airstreams Renewables, Inc. (ARI) offers safety and technical training solutions throughout the renewable energy sector that are focused on core skill sets designed to meet industry standard expectations for both entry level and advanced construction and service technicians. Courses are instructed by industry experts with over 200 years of combined experience in the wind and renewable energy industry. For additional information visit

About ENSA
ENSA provides industry recognized technical access training, height safety training, industrial rescue and confined space training, which conforms to NFPA, SPRAT, NATE, Renewable UK guidelines and ANSI Z490.1 training criteria. ENSA works with employees and managers in designing, developing, deploying and delivering world-class training that results in a safety culture that supports your corporate mission. For additional information visit our website at

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