Landfill Gas Collection & Control System Monitor Offers All-In-One Capability

QED Environmental Systems' LANDTEC GEM5000 is designed specifically for monitoring landfill gas collection and control systems, enabling users to take only one instrument to the landfill site.

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DEXTER, MI — QED Environmental Systems offers the LANDTEC GEM5000 series as part of the QED line of environmental products. The popular GEM5000 is designed specifically for monitoring landfill gas collection and control systems (GCCS). With the ability to sample and analyze the methane, carbon dioxide, and oxygen content of landfill gas (LFG), users only need to take one instrument to the landfill site.

GEM landfill gas analyzers and QED calibration procedures and standards meet all applicable quality assurance and quality control requirements for Method 3A and Method 2, Section 10.3 as listed in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s updated New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), Emission Guidelines (EG).

The GEM5000 complete package includes all the parts necessary for operation on a landfill site, including hoses, a heavy duty water trap filter, an AC battery charger, electronic manual, the LANDTEC System Gas Analyzer Manager software, a USB download cable, and soft and hard cases.

In addition to measuring methane, carbon dioxide, and oxygen levels, the GEM5000 series reads atmospheric pressure, differential pressure and calculates gas flow. With the optional probe, it can also read temperature. The NAV and Plus model packages include more features, such as GPS and additional gas measurements.

The series is designed specifically to monitor LFG extraction systems, flares, and migration control systems. It can be used to monitor subsurface migration probes and for measuring gas composition, pressure, and flow in these systems. The user is able to set up comments and questions to record information on site and at each sample point, improving notes and record keeping for future sampling.

The GEM5000 series is light and compact and boasts a high accuracy and fast response time. Products in this series are certified as intrinsically safe for landfill use and come with a 3-year warranty.

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